How to Customize Track Spikes

How to Customize Track Spikes
Track spikes are shoes that are ordinarily used in track and other similar sporting activities. A spike plate, or individual spikes, are screwed into the lightweight material to make it easier for the shoe to grip the ground for traction during running. Customizing your own track spikes at home is achievable when a quick adjustment is needed to the shoe.


Difficulty: Moderate

Things You’ll Need:
  • Middle-distance track-spike plates Spike wrench
  • Middle-distance track-spike plates
  • Spike wrench
Step 1
Loosen and remove the old spike plates or spike screws from the bottoms of your shoes with a spike wrench.
Step 2
Attach a spike plate to the bottom of each shoe, making sure the spikes line up into the corresponding holes on the shoe.
Step 3
Twist the spikes clockwise by the heads while pressing on the plate to keep it snug.
Step 4
Tighten the spikes with the spike wrench until they are securely in place and you are unable to twist them by hand.
Step 5
Try on the shoes and test the new spikes to assure a proper fit. Adjust the tightness of the plate to accommodate your comfort.

Tips & Warnings

Spike plates are far less time-consuming than individual spikes.
Do not make the spikes too loose or they will fall out of the shoe during use.

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