How to Fish in Manzanillo, Mexico

How to Fish in Manzanillo, Mexico
Manzanillo, Mexico is located about 150 miles south of Puerto Vallarta on two small bays on the Pacific coast. Nicknamed the Sailfish Capital of the World, Manzanillo offers new and experienced fishing enthusiasts the chance to partake in deep sea sports fishing where you can fish for sailfish, marlin, dorado, rooster fish and tuna. With the right captain and bait, you are almost sure to make a catch and leave Mexico with a memorable experience.


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Step 1
Decide when to visit. If your aim is to catch sailfish, the sailfish season is from November to March. Manzanillo's reknowned international sailfish tournament is held in November, with smaller tournaments in February. The rest of the year is great for other types of fish.
Step 2
Make a reservation with a charter fishing company. Two tour operators are Ocean Pacific Adventures, with two boats that can accommodate ten and five respectively, and Luckiest 2, a 38-foot Bertram Sport Fisher that can accommodate up to 12 people. All have experienced instructors on board, who will offer assistance based on your knowledge of the sport. Bait, gear and tackle are included with your reservation, but you must call directly for pricing information. Both leave from La Perlita dock in downtown Manzanillo. From the U.S. you can contact Ocean Pacific Adventures +011 (52) 314-335-0605 or Luckiest 2 at +011 (52) 314-357-1044.
Step 3
Dress appropriately. Wear layers on the morning you are headed out to the La Perlita dock. You should bring a light jacket for cooler early morning temperatures and your bathing suit when you want to take a swim and get a break from the heat of the mid-day sun. You will also need to wear sneakers or shoes with rubber soles to keep a firm grip on the ship's deck, plenty of sunscreen and a hat.
Step 4
Try your hand at surf fishing in Manzanillo. A reader recommends heading down to the rocks at Las Brisas beach just north of downtown. He claims your chances of catching tuna that put up a thrilling fight are great between the evening hours of six p.m. and seven p.m.
Step 5
Decide what to do with your fish. Your can catch and release, or take it to shore and get your picture taken with your fish hanging. If you would like to take it home the tour operator will direct you to a company that will mount your catch and send it back stateside.

Tips & Warnings

Ask THE charter fishing company whether they provide music and food, as each tour operator's policies are different. Many suggest you pack a lunch for your five-hour trip, while others provide it. Some have stereo equipment and ask you to bring your favorite CDs to listen to while you enjoy your day.
Take anti-nausea medication if you are prone to seasickness prior to leaving your hotel. Tour operators also sell sea sickness bands on board if the ocean is rougher than you expect or if you experience first-time seasickness.

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