How to Organize Food for a Long Trip

How to Organize Food for a Long Trip
Whether you'll be staying in one place on a long camping trip, or moving to several locations, if you are going on a long trip, you'll want to organize your food. Keeping all your food organized will make it easier to access and keep it fresh longer. Nothing is more frustrating than searching through several bags looking for one particular item or misplacing a food item only to have it spoil before you find it. By spending a few extra moments packing your food items correctly, you'll thank yourself when you go to find something to cook or eat.


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Tips on Organizing Your Food for a Long Trip

Things You’ll Need:
  • Plastic containers with lids
  • Cloth grocery bags
  • Large frozen bottles of water
Step 1
Purchase a large plastic container and a few reusable fabric grocery bags. The plastic container will be great for storing food you won't be using right away. The grocery bags will be easy to load as they do not fall over like plastic bags, and the handles make them easy to carry and lift. Best of all, both of these items are relatively cheap to buy, or you may already have them on hand.
Step 2
Freeze a few large plastic juice or soda bottles filled with water. If you wash the bottles out before you fill them with water, you'll also have fresh water in the event you need it. By using large frozen bottles of water in your cooler, you won't need to purchase bags of ice right away, and your cooler will stay cold longer. You can also freeze several personal-size bottles of water too, to place in the cooler. You'll have a nice frosty bottle of water for that hike.
Step 3
Place all the food items that you won't be using right away into the plastic container. Place anything you'll need to cook with, such as bags of rice, potatoes, boxes of food or anything else that requires you to prepare it to eat into the plastic container. This will keep everything together in the same place, and you'll know where it is when you need to find it. You won't experience the hassle of dealing with a bunch of plastic bags falling all over the place. Also, placing bread items in the plastic container will decrease the likelihood that they'll get smashed.
Step 4
Freeze any meat items you won't be cooking right away. They will slowly thaw in the cooler, but as they thaw they'll help keep the cooler cold. This will also keep your meat items fresh longer. When dealing with a cooler when camping, it's easy for meat to go bad because the cooler is constantly being opened and closed, causing the cooler to loose its cold air. If you freeze everything beforehand and use frozen plastic bottles, you'll be surprised at how much longer your cooler will retain its frozen state inside. You'll also be saving money, because you won't have to buy as much ice. A large juice or soda bottle that has water frozen in it might stay frozen for up to four days or longer. This is very important if you're on a long trip.
Step 5
Place your snacking items that don't require refrigeration into the fabric grocery bags. For example, if you have bags of chips, crackers, cookies or anything else people might be grabbing to eat frequently, place them in the bags. The bags hold quite a few items, and you'll know all the snacking foods are contained together in one bag. You won't have to dig through a bunch of plastic bags, searching for the lost box of crackers, and best of all, you can wash the bags once you get back home.

Tips & Warnings

Organizing your food will help your cooking experience to be quite a bit less frustrating. Organizing your food will cut down on the chance you might double purchase an item accidentally because you can't find it.
Organizing your food will help your cooking experience to be quite a bit less frustrating.
Organizing your food will cut down on the chance you might double purchase an item accidentally because you can't find it.

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