How to Get From Paradise Island to Harbour Island in the Bahamas

How to Get From Paradise Island to Harbour Island in the Bahamas
The Bahamas is a group of hundreds of islands in the Atlantic Ocean located east of southern Florida and northeast of Cuba. Offering a beautiful tropical setting and numerous things to do, the Bahamas is a top vacation destination for people around the world. Paradise Island and Harbour Island are two places visited frequently, which gives you a few options to choose from when going from one to the other. Take your pick from airplane or boat travel.


Difficulty: Moderate

Step 1
Know your airports in the vicinity of the two islands. The nearest airport to Paradise Island is in Nassau on the neighboring Providence Island. Airports close to Harbour Island include North Eleuthera (closest), Governor's Harbour and Rock Sound (farthest away) on neighboring Eleuthera Island.
Step 2
Pick a flight scheduled between the neighboring islands with either Bahamas Air or Southern Air Charter airlines. Choose from several daily scheduled flights with each company.
Step 3
Book a charter or private air flight from Nassau to Eleuthera Island. Select from more than 20 companies offering private flights.
Step 4
Take a taxicab from the airport to the boat dock on Eleuthera. Take a water taxi from the boat dock to Harbour Island. Taxis are available throughout the day.
Step 5
Take a boat to get from Paradise Island to Harbour Island. Bahamas Ferries departs from Nassau each morning, travels to Spanish Wells, Harbour Island and back again each evening.

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