Renting a Car in Eindhoven, Netherlands

Renting a Car in Eindhoven, Netherlands
Renting a car in Eindhoven, Netherlands, will provide an easy and quick way for you to get around. You will be able to drive to the local museums or, after shopping at the De Heuvel Galerie, ride over to dine at Gauchos. You could take a quick trip to Amsterdam or Nuenen, the town where Vincent Van Gogh lived.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Step 1
Make sure that you have meet all of the requirements before you rent a car. You must be at least 21 years old with a valid driver's license and third-party insurance.
Step 2
Compare rates and book a reservation is by using online resources. There are many websites that can help you make a rental, such as, and (see Resources). Rates will vary based on the dates you are traveling, how long you will need the car for and what type of model. Make sure that you pick a car with a transmission that you know how to drive, as most cars in Europe are manual. There may be an additional charge for drivers under the age of 25. Also, if you're planning to travel outside the Netherlands, make sure there are no restrictions on driving to any of your destinations.
If you would prefer to reserve a car in person, visit your local travel agency for assistance. They will also need the details of your travel plans in order to provide you with rates. In most cases, you will need a credit card to make a reservation. You can also rent a car directly from rental agencies at the Eindhoven airport or in various downtown locations.
Step 3
Check to see that your reservation details match what the rental agency has at the pickup location. Confirm the return date, time and location and ask for directions if you need them.
Step 4
Follow all of the traffic laws when driving the rental car. If this is your first time driving in the Netherlands, make sure to review the signs and regulations before you get behind the wheel (see Resources below).

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