How to Take a Cruise from Baltimore to Bermuda

How to Take a Cruise from Baltimore to Bermuda
Baltimore has become a major port for cruises to Bermuda. With Celebrity Cruises, Royal Caribbean, Norwegian Cruise Lines, Carnival Cruise Lines and several others all departing from Baltimore, you have plenty of options to plan your Bermuda cruise.


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Things You’ll Need:
  • Tickets Reservation numbers Passport Driver's license
  • Tickets
  • Reservation numbers
  • Passport
  • Driver's license
Step 1
Decide how long you want to travel. The shortest Baltimore-to-Bermuda trips are five days, but they won't give you much time to actually explore the country of Bermuda. If you can afford it and have the time, schedule a relaxing 9- or 14-day cruise to really see Bermuda.
Step 2
Choose a room. Interior cabins save you money, but they give you less chance to look at the beautiful Bermuda coast and watch the waves pass than exterior or balcony rooms. On the other hand, if you are on a budget, buying an interior room will leave you with more money to spend on your Bermuda shore trips.
Step 3
Make plans for any activities you want to do on shore in Bermuda. Bermuda has guided and unguided historical tours, nature reserves, nightlife and outdoor recreation. Some activities will require reservations ahead of time.
Step 4
Bring documents. In addition to tickets and reservation numbers for any activities on shore, you will need a passport. You may want to also bring a driver's license as a secondary piece of ID.
Step 5
Pack for your cruise. The trip from Baltimore to Bermuda can get chilly, particularly in the evenings, so be sure to take a windbreaker, sweaters and long pants. On most cruises, you will also be required to bring somewhat nicer clothing to wear to the ship's dining room. Go to your cruise line's website for the dress code.
Step 6
Pack for Bermuda. Bermuda shorts and button-down shirts or blouses are considered appropriate dress for most occasions in Bermuda. Women may also wear light dresses or skirts. In many restaurants, men are required to wear a tie and sports jacket for the evening meal. Match this outfit with dress shoes and long, black socks. For outdoor activities, you will want comfortable shoes and sandals. Don't forget to bring an umbrella, as Bermuda does get sudden downpours, especially during the winter.
Step 7
Pack for the beach. Towels, bathing suits, a sun hat and sunblock will keep you comfortable while lying beside the waves. Also bring T-shirts to cover up with if you are going to leave the beach. Bermudians tend to frown on the practice of walking around in a bathing suit.

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