How to Replace a Lost Indian Passport

How to Replace a Lost Indian Passport
To make your Indian passport easier to replace after a loss, photocopy it before your trip. Give duplicates to a friend and family member whom you can then contact if needed. Exchange copies with your travel buddy and keep one with you in a waterproof pouch away from the original. Finally, keep the original in a colorful, waterproof and floatable container together with your itinerary. This increases the chances of its return when found, especially if you lose it on a trail or river.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Step 1
Fill out the online application (see Resources) with information from your passport copy like passport number and issue date. Print and sign the form.
Step 2
Take six colored passport photos measuring 3.5 by 3.5 cm (about 1.35 by 1.35 inches). Include one with your form, but do not staple it. The picture must show a full frontal view of your face in front of a white background.
Step 3
Fill out and sign the Personal Particulars Form (see Resources). You need four copies of this form to which you attach four photos. If you want to use your married name and it differs from the old passport, include a notarized marriage certificate showing the new name.
Step 4
Include a photocopy of the first five pages and last two pages of your passport, and two proofs of residential address, which can be a driver's license, rental agreement or utility bill. You also need a copy of the passport page containing your United States visa. Also include a copy of both sides of the visa itself, a Green Card or an Employment Authorization Card.
Step 5
Add the original police report explaining the loss and a notarized statement of how the passport was lost with a declaration of truth.
Step 6
Include additional documents such as a birth certificate, Indian and United States driver's licenses, Indian photo ID card such as a ration card, and proof of a United States address such as a utility bill or letter of employment.
Step 7
Assemble all materials with the current processing fees in check or money order. Send the entire package by mail or deliver it in person to the embassy nearest you (see Resources).
Allow up to 30 days for your application to be processed. However, one- to three-day service is available for emergencies like a death in the family. You need to include a written request to the Consular Officer explaining the emergency along with sworn affidavits from two Indian nationals residing near you. Copies of the relevant pages from the witness' passports are also required.

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