How to Plan the Best Cruise

How to Plan the Best Cruise
Taking a cruise can be an adventure. Watching the waves crash, the sun glistening off the freshly polished deck is absolute heaven for some travelers. If everything is not planned accordingly, you might find yourself glistening from sweat while battling the crowds rather than working up a sweat paddling through pristine waters or climbing a tough trail.


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Step 1
Decide which destination is for you. You might be the type who dreams of reveling in a crowd of bystanders while drinking a pina colada and watching Junkanoo--a Bahamian street festival celebrated between boxing day (Dec.26) and New Year's Eve. Or your fancy might be viewing the Sistine Chapel as your write down the historical tidbits. Either way, decide which style of travel is for you before planning.
Step 2
Make a ship budget. This important step will determine what type of amenities are available to choose from as well as what is available for spending while in route.
Step 3
Pick your ship. There are many ships that cater to various destinations. For example, choosing a Carnival Cruise Line ship will allow you to pick several destinations or even travel on a weekend jaunt out to sea and back. According to, the Carnival Ship "Legend" has received the highest customer rating--at four and a half stars--for excellent service. As of September 2009, this ship travels to the Eastern and Western Caribbean. Carnival offers a wide variety of destinations such as Baja, Mexico to Kings Wharf, Bermuda. Shore excursions are a treat once the ship reaches its port of call or destination. Be sure to visit the Cruise & Kayak Eco Adventure, located in Kings Wharf, where you can kayak, hike around the islands and even visit the area known as the Bermuda Triangle. Other ships such as the Queen Mary II cater to travelers who will travel for a year or longer. This type of ship is geared toward travelers who require a variety of amenities such as offices, penthouse-style cabins and satellite Internet service. When picking a ship, it is wise to choose a ship that is comfortable, satisfying and offers many chances for viewing other destinations.
Step 4
Choose a theme. Ships are basically hotels on the sea. Because of this, the crew of each ship is responsible for providing entertainment while the ship is out of port. Choose the theme that is interesting and fun for you. Some ships have sock hop themes, singles extravaganzas, family fun cruises, Disney themes, senior citizen themes and more. Check your ship's theme before embarking.
Step 5
Gather travel documents. As of September 2009, passports are required for the majority of ships traveling outside of the U.S. or to the Caribbean. Getting a passport, even if not required, probably will add to your peace of mind while traveling.
Step 6
Pack your bags and off you go on your high sea adventure.

Tips & Warnings

Pack an over-the-counter medication to help you combat motion sickness. Pack light when leaving, as you might bring back items from your trip.
Pack an over-the-counter medication to help you combat motion sickness.
Pack light when leaving, as you might bring back items from your trip.
Look for hurricane warnings before planning your trip to avoid cancellations.

Article Written By Khalidah Tunkara

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