How to Build Tents for Kids

How to Build Tents for KidsKids love tents. Not only are they nice and cozy but they also help to create imaginary worlds that only a kid can appreciate. Tents do not need to be store-bought to be fun. In fact, some of the best tents are made with objects that are found around the house. They also do not need to be big. To a kid, if there is enough room for her, a friend and some favorite stuffed animals, it is big enough.


Difficulty: Easy

How to:

Things You’ll Need:
  • Sheets
  • Clothespins
  • Table
  • Chairs
  • Couch
  • Clothesline
  • Trees
  • Rocks
  • Pile of books
Step 1
Set up a kitchen table tent. Just move the chairs away from the table and cover each of the sides of the table with a sheet. The sheets can be attached using clothes pins fastened along the lip of the table and down the legs. Keep one of the sheets open along one of the sides for easy access. This tent can also be made using a picnic table for kids who want to take advantage of the great outdoors.
Step 2
Try making a bunk bed tent for the kids. The bottom bunk can be made into a great tent that the kids will love. Sheets can be attached along the sides using clothes pins, and another sheet can be attached to the front of the bed at the top. One side can remain unfastened so that the kids can go in and out.
Step 3
Use the back of a couch as a support for a kid's tent. Drape one side of the sheet over the top of the couch and tuck it into the back cushions. Pull the other side of the sheet down to the floor and secure it with a heavy object on both of the corners. A pile of books works great to secure the sheet, or you can use a kitchen pot with a few large rocks inside.
Step 4
Make a chair tent. The chair tent follows the same concept as the prior tent ideas except that chairs are used as the tent's support system. Line up two chairs side by side and use clothes pins to attach one side of a sheet to the backs of the chairs. Pull the sheet taught and attach it to the backs of two more chairs with the clothes pins. Add two more sheets, one to cover the front and back side of the tent, and attach with clothes pins. Leave one side unattached to function as an opening to get in and out. This tent also works using lawn chairs and gives kids a fun little hideaway when they are playing outside.
Step 5
Make a front porch tent and use the back door to enter and exit your house. If you have a porch that has a banister on either side, a sheet can be draped across the top and fastened to each of the banisters with clothes pins. The front of the house serves as the back side of the tent, so you can hang another sheet in the front. Just attach the top of the front sheet to the top sheet and then the other side to one of the banisters. Keep the other side of the sheet open so the kids can enter and exit.
Step 6
Use a clothesline to make a tent. If you have two sturdy trees out in your yard, you can tie a clothesline from one to the other and drape a sheet over top. Make sure that there is the same amount of fabric on both sides and use rocks to hold down the four corners. Kids really love this tent because it looks a lot like the real thing.

Tips & Warnings

If you do not have enough sheets available, blankets or shower liners work great too. Kids may find it fun to watch a movie and have some snacks while they are sitting in the tent.
If you do not have enough sheets available, blankets or shower liners work great too.
Kids may find it fun to watch a movie and have some snacks while they are sitting in the tent.
Make sure you do not use pieces of furniture that are unstable. If the furniture falls or tips, someone may get hurt.


Article Written By Eleanor Jewell

Eleanor Jewell started writing in 2007. She also has a background as a licensed cosmetologist and certified skin-care specialist. Jewell is pursuing a Bachelor of Science in education and a teacher certification.

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