How to Make Amtrak Reservations

How to Make Amtrak Reservations
Traveling across the United States by train provides an interesting look at the American landscape. Travelers have the chance to view scenery they miss by plane or can't enjoy by car. Consider a train trip as cheap alternative to flying or driving for a family vacation. Amtrak travelers can carry-on two bags and check three more bags for no charge. Items like golf clubs, skis and bikes carry a $5 handling charge as a checked bag. Make reservations in advance to receive the best available price for Amtrak tickets.


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Things You’ll Need:
  • Amtrak rewards number
  • Amtrak rewards number
Step 1
Verify travel information. Check a calendar and write down the dates, cities and time you would like to travel by Amtrak. Know the names and correct spellings of all passengers for which you will make reservations. Keep handy their Amtrak rewards number if they have one. Think about if this is a one-way or round-trip ticket. Some passengers choose to use another mode of transportation for the trip home or take a different route.
Step 2
Utilize schedules and timetables. Visit the Amtrak website and access the "schedules listing" for a complete listing of available itineraries for your departure and arrival cities on your travel dates. This is the most up-to-date information, including multiple routes and services or if a particular service is sold out. Use timetables for printed information on Amtrak routes and services, but these do not reflect temporary changes. Obtain a timetable by clicking the schedules tab on the navigation bar and selecting a service from the timetables box. Confirm routes and times with an Amtrak service agent.
Step 3
Make a reservation. Visit the Amtrak website to complete your reservation via credit card. Enter your departure and arrival stations and departure date into the Fare Finder tool to being the reservation process. Call 1-800-872-7245 to use the voice-activated agent system or to speak with a live agent to make Amtrak reservations. Purchase tickets in person at any Amtrak station from an agent or Quik-Trak kiosk. Paying with cash is possible when making reservations with an agent, otherwise credit card is the acceptable form of payment.
Step 4
Pick up your tickets. Access tickets via the Quik-Trak kiosk. Utilize your credit card and reservation number or scan the bar code on the confirmation page to activate the kiosk. Print your tickets and prepare for departure. Pick up tickets from a staffed Amtrak station the day of your departure. Pay for tickets if needed, present an identification and receive your tickets. Avoid the lines and hassles of the train station by having Amtrak tickets mailed to your address prior to your trip. Tickets are mailed to U.S. and Canadian addresses only.
Step 5
Changing or canceling a reservation. Call 1-800-872-7245 and provide the agent with your reservation number and date of travel in order to change an Amtrak reservation. Visit the Amtrak website to cancel a reservation. Click on the reservations tab on the navigation bar and click the link labeled, "to review or cancel an existing reservation." Enter your reservation number and e-mail address used for booking and click cancel reservation. Follow the steps for cancellation. Fees may apply to changed or canceled reservations.

Tips & Warnings

Always write down your reservation number and keep it handy when traveling.

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