How to Find Swimming Shorts for Men

How to Find Swimming Shorts for Men
Swimming is a sport and recreational activity enjoyed by thousands of people. Your swimwear can make a difference, whether you're swimming for a refreshing dip or are training for a competitive triathlon. There is a wide variety of swim apparel available for men that is designed to to fit your lifestyle and body shape.


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Step 1
Choose a swimming shorts style. Swim shorts for men come in three major cuts. Swim trunks are loose-fitting shorts and are best for those with a wider waist or large thighs. They work well for those who want to hide their extra weight or want a roomier fit. Square leg swim shorts are form-fitting shorts that are similar to swim briefs but offer more coverage, much akin to boxer briefs. These are best for individuals with an athletic build or men who want extra support. Swim jammers are tight swimming shorts that typically reach just above the knee and are best for competitive swimmers.
Step 2
Browse a surf shop or stores that sell surfing apparel if you want swim trunks. Trunks are popular among surfers. Major brands include Billabong, Quicksilver and Hurley International. Cheaper alternatives to name brand surf trunks can often be found at general retailers such as Wal-Mart, Sears and Lands' End.
Step 3
Check an athletic apparel store if you are seeking square leg swim shorts. Brands include Sugoi and Speedo, with the latter making several dozen different types and colors of square leg shorts. Many athletic stores market their own in-house generic brand of square leg shorts.
Step 4
Look through the offerings of competitive swimwear outlets and general athletic apparel stores if you want swim jammers. Many apparel stores at universities also sell these due to their popularity among college swimmers. Swim jammers are made by brands known for their competitive athletic offerings, including ClubSwim, Nike, Speedo and TYR
Step 5
Verify the fit and sizing before buying the swimming shorts you've found. Trunks come in a variety of lengths. Taller individuals may opt for longer lengths, while shorter lengths reaching the mid-thigh to just above the knee will help shorter men appear taller. Regardless of the length, the trunks should fit snugly around your waist just below the belly button. Square leg swim shorts should feel snug with no loose fabric around the groin or buttocks. Typically, the legs of the shorts end level with the bottom of the groin, although some styles add several inches to the legs. Jammers should fit as tight as possible without constraining circulation, ending mid-thigh to just above the knee.

Tips & Warnings

Casual swimmers will likely prefer the looser fit and feel of swim trunks, while athletes who want a form-fitting, drag-reducing outfit will opt for swim jammers or, in less competitive environments, square leg swim shorts.

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