How to Find a Cruise Deal

How to Find a Cruise Deal
When searching for a cruise deal, you should focus not only on getting the best price, but also the best value for the price. Most major cruise lines will have an all-inclusive package that covers the room, food and entertainment for your trip. Finding a good deal for a cruise requires patience and research.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Step 1
Start your search for a cruise as early as possible. Give yourself enough time to research cost and value for your desired destination across all of the major cruise lines.
Step 2
Pick an ultimate destination along with the port of embarkation. Your ultimate destination will determine what ports you can start from. Sometimes, it will result in a significant cost savings if you can choose a cruise that departs from a city close to your hometown.
Step 3
Check prices and ticket availability with a travel agent in your city. Many travel agents will be able to get leads on cheaper cruise tickets than you may find on the cruise line company's website. You may also qualify for promotional benefits by using a travel agent for your booking.
Step 4
Compare the prices quoted to you by a travel agent with those found through online travel agents such as Expedia and Travelocity. Sometimes the online travel agents will purchase discounted tickets from the cruise line companies that will be cheaper than other options for you. You should also compare prices directly with the cruise line companies that are sailing to your desired destination.
Step 5
Compare prices for your primary cruise dates with alternative dates. Many times a change of just a few weeks can result in a significant savings for your tickets.

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