How to Install an Awning on a Camper

How to Install an Awning on a Camper
A camper awning is a great investment for the outdoors lover who wants to create some shade close to their camper. An awning allows you to be a little less selective about where you park your camper, letting you enjoy the outdoors anywhere without having to worry about the blazing sun. The installation of a retractable awning on the side of your camper may be a challenging task, but it gives you the power to create a more satisfying outdoors experience.


Difficulty: Moderate

Things You’ll Need:
  • Awning track Level Sharpie marker, preferably black Cordless drill Drill bit Screw bit Three-quarter inch screws Waterproof sealer Jacknuts Socket wrench
  • Awning track
  • Level
  • Sharpie marker, preferably black
  • Cordless drill
  • Drill bit
  • Screw bit
  • Three-quarter inch screws
  • Waterproof sealer
  • Jacknuts
  • Socket wrench
Step 1
Install the awning track to the side of your camper that your awning will cover. Level the awning track against the camper, making sure that the level reading is flat. Make sure the awning track isn't blocking any doors or windows. Take your black Sharpie marker and make a mark through one screw hole on each end of the awning track. Remove the track, and using your cordless drill and drill bit, drill holes through the camper siding at the markings. Apply a small amount of waterproof sealer to these holes. Replace the awning track and secure it with 3/4-inch screws where you have previously drilled. Drill holes for the remaining screw openings, apply waterproof sealer and secure with more 3/4-inch screws.

If your camper awning uses brackets instead of an awning track, the bracket installation process is the same as above with one exception: you will need to make sure the brackets are properly spaced. To space the brackets properly, take the length of your awning and subtract 2 inches on each side. Install the brackets at this length with your cordless drill, drill bit and three-quarter inch screws. Adjust the brackets as needed to keep them away from any doors or windows.
Step 2
Install the camper awning onto the previously installed awning track or brackets. Slide the camper awning over the awning track or brackets, making sure to keep the awning track or brackets centered under the awning. Again, be careful not to cover any doors or windows before installation. If you awning has cotter pins, pull them to secure the awning against the awning track. If your assembly uses brackets, secure the awning against them using jacknuts. Hand-tighten the jacknuts, and then use a socket wrench to secure. You will not be drilling any holes for the jacknuts as they are installed outside of the camper.
Step 3
Secure the awning arms against the side of the camper. The awning arms will be the narrow strips of metal hanging down from the awning, allowing the awning to fold straight out. With the awning centered and one arm flat against the camper, mark the screw holes with a black Sharpie. Move the arm out of the way, and drill a hole with your cordless drill and drill bit. Apply waterproof sealer, and drill a 3/4-inch screw with your cordless drill. Repeat this step with one screw hole on the other side. After both arms have been initially secured, drill the remaining screw holes needed, apply waterproof sealer and screw 3/4-inch screws through those holes.

Tips & Warnings

If you're going to be experiencing high winds or extreme weather while using your camper awning, you may want to purchase an awning clamp to hold the awning in place and reduce wear caused by flapping.

Article Written By Steve Brachmann

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