What Kind of Swimsuit Should One Buy?

What Kind of Swimsuit Should One Buy?
Regardless of having a deep tan or being in the best shape, the wrong swimsuit can ruin your look and be a uncomfortable fit. Seasons change, but you always need a swimming suit ready for impromptu vacation excursions or late night dips in the hot tub. Understanding your body type is imperative when you are getting a suit. Choose a suit that flatters your body and not the latest trend by following some of these tips and suggestions.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Measuring tape
  • Measuring tape
Step 1
Measure your body with measuring tape. Only wear your underwear to ensure the correct measurements. Place the measuring tape at the largest part of your breasts. Wrap the tape around the fullest part of your hips. To measure your torso, hold the tape from the shoulder and between your legs. Hold the tape back up to the opposite side of your body. Run the measuring tape around the smallest part of the waist and record all of your measurements. Have a friend or family member help to make sure it is on the correct part of your body.
Step 2
View your body in the mirror to determine its shape. You want to play up your physical attributes. If you are small on top, look for a padded top. Women who are busty should select bathing suits with a built-in underwire bra that is not cut too low. Long legs look great in a swimming suit that is cut high. Long torsos can benefit from a cut out swimming suit or bikini. Dark colors are great for hiding any imperfection on plus-sized bodies.
Step 3
Look for the tag on the swimming suits that have the measurements and compare them to yours. Some measurements may be off or the suit may come in a small, medium or large. Choose the size you think you might be and the next size up. Designers use different measurements in other countries, so it's best to try on everything.
Step 4
Choose swimming suits that have adjustable straps. Bathing suit material can shrink in the wash or stretch after use, so it is important to use straps for the right fit. Likewise, any aquatic activities are difficult when your bathing suit top is too big. Look for a suit that offers plenty of support by having wide straps or one that is a racerback style.
Step 5
Ask a friend to come with you. She can provide moral support, advise or even snap a couple of phone pictures for you to see. More cleavage is not always better when buying suits and you want to be able to move around. Keep in mind what water activity you want to do in the suit. Swimming laps and waves in the ocean will make a bikini fall down. Buy the right suit for whatever activity you wish to do. Yo may want to buy two of the same suit that you find that you like. Swimming suits generally have a lifespan of six months depending how often you swim chlorinated water.
Step 6
Buy a swimming suit that is made out of nylon and spandex. Both of these materials are durable enough to take a whole summer of aquatic activities. Most competitive swim wear is made from a blend of this fabric.
Step 7
Find a pair of nylon and spandex blend boy shorts or poly microfiber board shorts for activities like surfing, kayaking or just keeping the sand out of your swimsuit.

Tips & Warnings

Rinse your bathing suit in cold water to remove any chlorine after swimming. Hand wash your bathing suit in the sink with a small amount of detergent and air dry it to increase its longevity.
Never throw your bathing suit in the washing machine, because it will stretch out the material.

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