How to Choose a Kid's Bicycle

How to Choose a Kid's Bicycle
It's an exciting time when your child can start riding a bike. It opens up opportunities to explore and enjoy family activity that weren't there when he was younger. If you've got designs on buying your child her first bicycle, several factors should be be thought out before you buy that bike.


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Step 1
Choose the wheel size. Kids bikes come in a variety of wheel sizes, from 12-inch rims right up to 20-inch rims. Obviously, the smaller the wheels on the bike, the lower it's going to sit to the ground. But keep in mind, seats are adjustable and if you get a bike that just fits your child now, it will be too small for him in a year.
Step 2
Size up your child with the frame. The best way to do this is to bring your child to the bike shop and have her straddle the bike. There should be an inch of clearance between his groin and the middle of the frame when his feet are flat on the floor.
Step 3
Have her sit on the bike. With the seat all the way down, she should still not be able to touch the ground. When the frame and/or seat height is too low, it teaches him bad riding habits and puts undo stress on his knees.
Step 4
Factor in the coordination of your child. If she seems to pick things up quickly and doesn't have a lot of mishaps because of clumsiness, she might be able to take on a little larger wheel size and a little larger bike than her height would indicate.
Step 5
Consider reuse. If you have other children who are younger than the one you are purchasing the bike for, you can go a little smaller on the older child's first bike because when he grows out of it, it can be used by the younger children.

Tips & Warnings

Always have your child wear a helmet. Teach good habits early.

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