How to Get to the British Consulate in Düsseldorf, Germany

How to Get to the British Consulate in Düsseldorf, Germany
The British Consulate in Düsseldorf is the only U.K. consulate that is able to help British tourists address real-time needs for replacement passports and visas while they are in the country. They are able to provide you a replacement British passport as well as provide assistance when having to deal with local authorities. A common issue for British subjects who need to visit the consulate, however, is finding your way there once you make it to Düsseldorf.


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Step 1
Travel to Düsseldorf by car. Find your way to 52 Essen and follow the motorway in the direction of Düsseldorf. When you get to the end of the main motorway, cross the main junction and follow the signs to D-Derendorf, which will lead you into Münsterstraße. Then follow Münsterstraße and cross the railway bridge. You will then take your first left turn/opposite Schlösserbrauerei. Take the 52 Mönchengladbach towards Düsseldorf and turn left at the end of the highware towards A52 Essen. Cross Theodor-Heuss-Brücke and follow Uerdinger Str/Johannstraße. At the second main junction, turn right into Ulmenstraße and then left into Münsterstraße. Take the third right on Yorckstraße.
Step 2
Get to the Consulate by the S-Bahn. Go to the main station in Düsseldorf and take the train from the S1/S21/S7/S6 (platform 13/14) towards Essen/Dortmund/D-Airport/Ratingen. Get off at the third station on the route named "Düsseldorf-DERENDORF" and you will be walking distance from the consulate. If you are travelling from the Düsseldorf airport, take the train in the S7 direction Düsseldorf and get off at the second station, "Düsseldorf-DERENDORF."
Step 3
Find your way to the consulate via tram from the Düsseldorf city center. Get on the tram 701 going in the Rath S-Bahnhof direction. Get off at the Ratherstraße tram stop. Then take the 704 tram towards Merziger Straße and get off at the St. Vincentz Krankenhaus tram stop.

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