How to Measure a Ski Helmet

How to Measure a Ski Helmet
You probably buy a new pair of shoes a few times a year, but probably you only buy a ski helmet once or twice. Since the shopping process may be a bit vague and fuzzy, you may not have a clue how a ski helmet is measured. Once you figure it out, sizing the helmet will be quite easy, and you'll be on the slopes in no time.


Difficulty: Easy

Step 1
Measure the circumference of your head. You'll notice that ski helmets have a numerical measurement, which is simply the circumference of your head in centimeters. To get your size, measure around your head just over your eyebrows with measuring tape.
Step 2
Size each individual helmet. Though your head measurement will provide a handy guideline, every helmet fits differently. This is because everyone's head shape is slightly different, and same-sized helmets may not be a perfect fit, depending on the shape of your head.
Step 3
Put the helmet on with your goggles. Adjust the chin strap and snap it closed so that it is snug around your chin, but it should not squeeze your head or create uncomfortable pressure points. The helmet padding should be flush against your cheeks with no space in between.
Step 4
Verify that the helmet sits correctly. The helmet should cover your head but shouldn't touch your neck. On top, the helmet should cover your forehead and rest above the eyebrows, allowing enough room to wear your goggles comfortably.
Step 5
Double check your size. Shake your head around and make sure that the helmet moves with your head and stays in place. It should not shake independently. Stand bent over with the top of your head facing the ground and make sure the helmet stays secure and doesn't pop loose.

Tips & Warnings

* Fitting your ski helmet correctly will provide the best protection.

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