How to Use a Baitcaster Rod

How to Use a Baitcaster Rod
Many anglers begin their fishing lives by using a single rod and reel for all of the angling they do. As they become more experienced, many fishermen begin buying rods and reels that are designed to fill a particular niche. Many times, one or more of those combinations is a baitcaster rod and reel, which is the proper equipment for anglers who intend to sling large lures, target big fish, and cast with precision.


Difficulty: Moderate

How to Use a Baitcaster Rod

Things You’ll Need:
  • Baitcaster rod Baitcaster reel Fishing line Fishing lures Scissors
  • Baitcaster rod
  • Baitcaster reel
  • Fishing line
  • Fishing lures
  • Scissors
Step 1
Select a baitcast reel to pair with the rod. The reel should fit on the rod and feel balanced when you hold it. Make sure the combination is comfortable for you to hold. In addition, check the side of the rod just above the handle for the proper line sizes to use with the rod. Select a reel that accommodates line of the same size. That information can be found on the box in which the reel is packaged.
Step 2
String fishing line onto the rod and reel. To do so, thread the line through the tip of the rod, then through each line guide, until the line is at the reel. Place the line through the line guide at the front of the reel, then wrap the line around the spool. Tie a knot so the line is tight against the spool, then use a scissors to snip any extra line above the knot. Add line to the reel until it is one-eighth of an inch below the rim of the spool.
Step 3
Tie a fishing lure to the end of the line. Recommended lure weights for use with your rod will be listed along with the appropriate line sizes. In most cases, one-quarter of an ounce is about the lightest bait you would use with a baitcast rod.
Step 4
Place your dominant hand on the baitcast reel, your other hand on the handle of the baitcaster rod.
Step 5
Depress the reel's thumb lever so it is possible for the spool to turn, but use your thumb to put pressure on the spool to prevent that from happening. Make a casting motion with the rod -- bringing it back and then forward. Most anglers cast from the same side of their body as their dominant hand. As the tip of the rod passes by your shoulder, lift your thumb slightly from the spool to allow the lure to carry line off the spool. Once the lure hits the water, stop the spool from spinning by pressing on it with your thumb.
Step 6
Turn the reel handle clockwise once you want to retrieve the lure. Use the hand you are not reeling with to grasp the handle of the baitcaster rod. The rod will have a trigger-shaped handle just below the reel to help you hold it.
Step 7
Move the tip of the rod from side to side, or up and down, to impart erratic action on the bait you are using. This will help draw strikes from fish.

Article Written By Larry Anderson

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