How to Pack a Sea Bag

How to Pack a Sea Bag
A sea bag is a large, durable canvas bag used by the military. Originally, a sailor could wrap his hammock around his bag, sling the sack over his shoulder and carry his bed and all his gear from one ship to the next. Sea bags are large and awkward and not very comfortable to carry, but they're also one of the best ways to pack everything you need for a long trip.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Step 1
Place the bag on your bed or floor and shorten it by rolling the walls outward until it is only about a foot tall.
Step 2
Place any clothing you won't immediately need in the bottom. As you run out of space, unroll it to pack more gear inside.
Step 3
Place clothes you might need immediately and nice clothing you would like to protect near the top. You may want to place this gear in a plastic bag to protect it.
Step 4
Place hard items like your toiletries box, boots and books in next. If you are running out of room, press down to compact the clothes and fit your gear inside.
Step 5
Put any personal items that you may need immediately in last. This might include sunblock, a first aid kit, a bottle of water or a magazine to read on your trip.

Tips & Warnings

Protect anything fragile by surrounding it with padding or putting it in a solid box. Sea bags are a likely place for delicate gear to get crushed accidentally.

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