How to Put Together a Tent Gazebo

How to Put Together a Tent Gazebo
Gazebo tents are the perfect solution for campers and picnickers who want to enjoy the shade in an otherwise sunny place. They're lightweight and can be safely used almost anywhere outdoors. But first-time setup can be difficult and confusing, and the instructions accompanying the tent can oversimply the process. The procedure is easier after practice and preparation.


Difficulty: Moderate

Things You’ll Need:
  • Four 5-gallon buckets Sand Eight stakes Twine
  • Four 5-gallon buckets
  • Sand
  • Eight stakes
  • Twine
Step 1
Pick a place to set up your tent. Ideally, this place would be flat and not over concrete.
Step 2
Set up the tent frame. Shimmy the frame out of the case through the open end while your partner holds the bottom. The four-corner frame will be collapsed. Grasp one corner of the frame while your partner grasps the opposite end. Walk backward with the frame until it fully expands. Set the frame down and put the gazebo covering over the top. Insert stakes at the feet of the frame. This will stabilize the gazebo. Use one hand to secure the frame and the other to extend the legs of the frame upward until the gazebo clicks into place. Repeat this process on all four legs of the tent. Make sure the frame is at the lowest setting at this point. This allows just enough room to walk under the tent to complete assembly.
Step 3
Go underneath the gazebo. Use your hands to push the gazebo frame upward until it locks. Your gazebo fabric should now be taut. Fasten the gazebo fabric to the frame with the provided Velcro fasteners. Be sure that the fabric covers each top corner of the gazebo tent and around the diamond-shaped extenders. If your tent has an optional screen, attach it to the top inside of the tent gazebo so that the zippers meet vertically at each frame leg.
Step 4
Do not take the chance on injuring anyone or damaging your tent. Secure the tent with stakes, which usually are provided. Use a secure knot to tie twine to higher points of the gazebo tent and two buckets of sand at the bottom. This will prevent your gazebo tent from blowing over in a wind gust, or from being knocked over by people. Buckets of sand can be collected at the camp site and returned after you leave. This eliminates the need to carry heavy bricks to secure the gazebo tent.

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