How to Put a Fishing Bobber on

How to Put a Fishing Bobber onA fishing bobber is a hollow plastic ball that attaches to a fishing line and floats on the surface. It suspends the hook at the desired depth and will also indicate when a fish takes the bait. The bobber will bob up and down when a fish is nibbling on the bait and go underwater when the fish makes a solid hit.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

How to:

Things You’ll Need:
  • Fishing line
  • Fishing bobber
Step 1
Select a bobber based primarily on the size of the fish you expect to catch. The bobber should be big enough to hold the sinkers but small enough that it will bob when the fish nibbles on the bait. You may need a larger bobber than usual if you're fishing in rough water. Thread the fishing line if you're using a reel.
Step 2
Select the depth at which to attach the bobber. This needs to be less than the depth of the water, although the specific depth of the bobber is highly variable.
Step 3
Hold the bobber between your middle and index finger and push down on the button atop the bobber. A small hook will extend out from the bottom of the bobber. Hook the fishing line with the bobber's hook and release the button. Ensure that the end of the hook fits into the corresponding hole. The fishing line is attached to the bottom of the bobber.
Step 4
Place your thumb under the bobber to keep the hook in place and press down on the edge of the button. This should push the button down while leaving the top hook exposed. Hook the line with the top hook and slowly release the button, ensuring that the top hook goes back into its matching hole.
Step 5
Pull the slack out of the line before casting. Slide the bobber up and down as desired to adjust your fishing depth.

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