How to Make a Bamboo Cane Pole

How to Make a Bamboo Cane Pole
A bamboo cane fishing pole is a simple rod-and-line pole used for fishing in streams, rivers and shallow ponds. It is commonly used in Hawaii and Asia where bamboo groves are common. However, bamboo cane poles can be fashioned anywhere you have access to a bamboo grove. Learn how to make your own bamboo cane pole for a simple and straightforward method of fishing.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Bamboo Machete or saw Fine-grade sandpaper Fishing line Hook Sinker Bait
  • Bamboo
  • Machete or saw
  • Fine-grade sandpaper
  • Fishing line
  • Hook
  • Sinker
  • Bait
Step 1
Survey the bamboo grove. Select a long, slender adolescent piece of bamboo that measures 6 to 7 feet from base to tip, preferably starting with a 1/2-inch trunk and ending in a 1/4-inch tip. The best bamboo cane is firm and stiff at the base but thin enough to bend at the opposite end without breaking. Use your machete or saw to cut the bamboo cane at its base.
Step 2
Cure the bamboo cane by placing it in a dry, sheltered area and leaving it for as many as two weeks until the cane has turned from green to a light golden color.
Step 3
Use the sandpaper to sand the length of the shaft to smooth away grooves and splinters. Pay special attention to the end where you made the first cut, sanding this area until smooth and no sharp splinters stick out. At this stage, some anglers choose to use a liquid wood lacquer to coat the cane. However, this is not necessary and is mostly for decorative purposes.
Step 4
Use the saw or machete to make a shallow groove around the thin end of the bamboo cane approximately an inch from the tip. Exercise caution that you do not cut through the tip. This groove will help to hold the fishing line in place and should be less than 1/8-inch deep. Your bamboo fishing pole is now complete.
Step 5
Cut a 5-foot length of fishing line. A 10 to 15-pound test is sufficient, as the bamboo cane pole would not be able to handle a fish that is any heavier. Loop the fishing line around the tip of the pole, aligning it with the notch you cut in Step 4. Tie securely.
Step 6
Tie a sinker and line to the opposite end of the line. Secure a piece of bait to the hook and begin fishing. Move the pole up and down to jiggle the bait and attract a strike. If you catch a fish, pull up on the pole to pull the fish out of the water.

Tips & Warnings

A bamboo fishing pole is best used in areas where the angler can get close to the water, such as the bank of a stream or small pond.

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