How to Travel Brazil With Kids

How to Travel Brazil With Kids
Brazil, with its beautiful and unique culture, is a must-see attraction for any curious and adventurous family. Traveling with children, while difficult, is not impossible. Give yourself plenty of time to prepare before heading to Brazil with the family.


Difficulty: Moderate

Step 1
Prepare. As with any international trip, before leaving be sure to check with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Travel to certain areas requires immunizations, so have those administered in advance. Also, get all of the necessary information from the American Embassy in Brazil, including specific contacts, if you can. In the event of a major emergency, you may need to contact these persons.
Step 2
Recommended destinations. Depending on what you would like to do while in Brazil, you can choose from touring the largest cities, which are Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, or going for more rural or less populated locales. Rio offers typical urban activities, like museums and a zoo, but is also home to a fantastic beach. Sao Paulo will be a hit with animal-loving kids, as they have a snake study center (or Butanta in Portugeuse), a science museum and theme parks. Beware, though, the crime rates in both of these major cities are high. Less high-profile beaches include the family-friendly town of Florianópolis, which also offers hiking and great food.
Step 3
Approach the Amazon with care. While the Amazon Rainforest is an obvious attraction, steer clear if you have small children--who can navigate a stroller through dense trees? Older children are perfect companions to a guided tour of the world-famous forest.
Step 4
Help the needy. While you're in Brazil, consider stowing a few gently used items that your kids no longer need and giving them to less fortunate tots in Brazil. Connect with a group like the Family Travel Network for details on how to do good while you have fun.
Step 5
Survive the travel. You'll probably need to travel by plane to Brazil, so prepare in advance for the long flight. If you have a baby be sure to get an FAA-approved car seat so that baby can be comfortable in his own seat throughout the duration of the flight. Pre-select your seats so that you and your family will be seated together and keep snacks, extra clothes and diapers and games to amuse the kids handy.

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