How to Pack Bags

How to Pack Bags
How you pack your bags for travel is extremely important and can even save you money. Packing bags efficiently is good to avoid thefts, damage and fees for porters. Lighter loads also provide you with more mobility and less hassle. Packing your bags right is simple and can be done in a few steps.


Difficulty: Easy

Step 1
Roll your clothing. Rolling clothing, opposed to folding, reduces wrinkles and leaves more space in your luggage. You can also place several items in one roll. To roll, place at least two similar pieces of clothing on top of each other. Fold the clothing in half horizontally one time then roll it upward into a cylinder.
Step 2
Place your smaller items (cosmetics, first aid, ointments) into zip bags. Try to fit as many items into one bag as you can. Placing items all over the suitcase takes up too much space and can cause nasty messes.
Step 3
Tuck small items into shoes. Shoes take up a lot of space but you can save space by packing items inside them, such as hairbrushes, socks, underwear and jewelry.
Step 4
Line the outside of the suitcase with shirts or pants to conserve more space.
Step 5
Place the largest rolled items in the suitcase first. Squeeze in the medium items and the small items last. Rolled items can usually be stuffed in spaces that would otherwise be too small.

Tips & Warnings

Avoid packing items that are unnecessary like extra shoes, bath items or clothing. This only takes up more space and makes searching for items more difficult.

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