How to Link Fishing Floats to a Line

How to Link Fishing Floats to a Line
Fishing floats are used when fishing to both suspend bait beneath the surface of the water and provide a signal as to when a fish takes the bait. Floats are made of various materials including cork, wood and plastic and are attached to fishing line by various methods. Some traditional floats feature a slit in the float that allows the line to be inserted and then held in place by a keeper plug inserted into the end of the float.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Step 1
Determine the location on the line at which point the float will be located. The float should be of sufficient distance from the hook and bait to allow a natural presentation and avoid spooking fish.
Step 2
Remove the plug from the end of the float. This is a keeper plug which must be removed in order to insert the line through the float itself.
Step 3
Guide the fishing line through the slit in the float and pull the line taught from the lower end. Position the float in the desired location for optimum effect when presenting the bait.
Step 4
Insert the plug into the float. Make sure the line is located in a position away from the slit opening of the float and that the plug is not inserted to the point where it begins to force the slit open. There should be a secure fit.
Step 5
Make any final adjustments to the position of the float and double check to ensure the plug is securely seated in the float body.

Tips & Warnings

An additional step is to insert the line into the body of the float and wrap the line around and back through the slit once again. When the end plug is inserted the additional wrap will help insure the plug will not move or slide.
Use care when handling tightly stretched mono-filament lines as it is possible to receive a cut.

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