How to Recycle Old Fuel Canisters

How to Recycle Old Fuel CanistersPortable camping stoves are a necessity for backpackers because state and national parks generally prohibit open campfires outside of designated areas. Many of these stoves rely upon disposable metal fuel canisters. What to do with these canisters after they are spent is an important issue for backpackers because so many are naturally concerned with environmental issues.


Difficulty: Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Sharpie marker (Seattle only)
  • Puncher tool, knife, screwdriver, ice pick or similar tool
  • Rock, brick, hammer or something similar
Step 1
Check to see if your canister is reusable. Many portable stove bottles are designed so that they can be refilled. There is no cause to recycle the canister if you can refill it instead.
Step 2
Write "empty" on the side of the can and leave it in your recycling bin if you live in Seattle. This is one of the few areas of the country that will simply accept a spent fuel canister with no extra steps.
Step 3
Punch a hole in the side of the can, either using a specialized tool, a knife, screwdriver or some other strong, pointy tool. Leave the can for an hour or more in a well-ventilated space to allow any remaining fuel fumes or vapor to dissipate.
Step 4
Crush the can down to size if space in the recyling bin is an issue, or if this step is required by your local law. You can use a rock, brick or hammer. Smash the can up as if it were any other can.

Article Written By Edwin Thomas

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