How to Fish Using a Homemade Ice Shelter

How to Fish Using a Homemade Ice Shelter
Ice fishing is unlike any other form of fishing, since the fisherman is literally sitting on the river itself, limited to one highly restricted area (the ice hole). And it can be cold out there! This is why ice fishing shelters, including homemade ice shelters, are often used. Here's how.


Difficulty: Moderate

How to Fish Using a Homemade Ice Shelter

Things You’ll Need:
  • Ice fishing drill or auger
  • Homemade shelter
  • Wood-burning stove
  • Ice fishing pole
  • Bait or jigger
Step 1
Check the thickness of the ice on the river or lake where you will be fishing with the homemade ice shelter. If the ice's thickness isn't at least 10 inches, do not fish at that spot, as the ice could break.
Step 2
Pick the spot for your ice fishing hole, and then drill the hole with an ice fishing drill or auger.
Step 3
Drag your homemade ice fishing shelter on to the frozen river or lake where your fishing hole is located. Some homemade ice fishing shelters are too heavy or awkward to be dragged by hand, however, and they must be hauled out using a truck. Don't drive a truck on to the ice unless your measurements from Step 1 showed that it is at least 12 inches thick.
Step 4
Position the homemade ice shelter so that the ice fishing hole is directly in the middle.
Step 5
Set up a wood-burning stove a couple feet away from the ice fishing hole. This will keep your shelter nice and warm throughout your ice-fishing experience. Bait or jigger your fishing pole, drop your line into the hole, and fish away.

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