How to Install a Travel Trailer Cover

How to Install a Travel Trailer Cover
Your travel trailer is your home away from home when you're camping out. Why not repay it by keeping it clean and protected from the weather when you aren't using it? A travel trailer cover keeps your travel trailer safe and helps it retain its value. Installing is easy, but it does takes attention to detail. You don't want to rip the cover.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Trailer cover
  • Trailer
  • Ladder
  • Rope
  • Tape
Step 1
Unroll the cover and put it on the ground next to your trailer.
Step 2
If your trailer is small, climb a small ladder and toss the cover over the roof, allowing it to spread out and fall on all sides of the trailer. You can use pull-ropes to assist you to bring the cover down on all sides. Skip to step five.
Step 3
If your trailer is large, very carefully climb into the roof, and begin to spread it. It's best to spread the cover from the front of the trailer. Then, then carefully walk backward while holding the cover, letting it fall over the sides of the trailer.
Step 4
Climb down the rear ladder. You will find a ladder cap somewhere near the top of the ladder. Put the cap on the top of the ladder, and use the hooks to attach the cap to the ladder rungs. The ladder cap will help prevent the ladder from puncturing or putting stress on the trailer cover.
Step 5
Seal the trailer cover by tying one D-ring with a rope and tying the other end of the rope to a slightly heavy object, such as a rock or a backpack. Toss the object under your trailer, so it will get to the other side. Once you've done this, untie the rope from the object, and then retie it to the closest D-ring. Repeat this until all of the D-rings are tied together. This should form a seal under the bottom of the trailer.

Tips & Warnings

Protect your cover by placing tape over the trailer's sharp edges, as they might damage it.
You want the trailer cover to be snug, but do not make it too tight, as this can cause unnecessary stress on the cover. Unnecessary tightness will result in cover damage.
Find a safe place to store your camper. The cover will provide protection, but try to store the trailer in a weatherproof area.
Do not attempt to install the cover if it is wet outside.

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