How to Fit Bicycle Shoes

How to Fit Bicycle Shoes
Bicycle shoes that fit well are comfortable, allowing you to enjoy your ride. You can ride longer when you're wearing comfortable biking shoes. Uncomfortable, ill-fitting bicycle shoes cause pain and discomfort that can cut your bike ride short. Each brand of shoes fits differently, so try on different brands until you find shoes that fit just right. The right bicycle shoes are a worthy investment for cycling enthusiasts.


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Step 1
Wear the same socks that you normally wear biking when you try on bicycle shoes. Different socks will change the fit of a shoe, so it is important to try the shoes on while wearing your regular biking socks. Consider wearing thin biking socks when riding if you don't already do so. Thin biking socks do not bunch up inside the shoe like thicker socks do.
Step 2
Try on the shoes and feel how they fit. When sitting or standing, your toes should not touch the toe box. If your toes touch the toe box when sitting or standing, the shoes are too small and will cause pain when riding. When standing, the width of the shoe should feel snug but not tight. Your feet swell when you're riding. Shoes that are tight when you are not exercising, will be painful during intensive riding. Feel where the arch of the shoe is positioned on your foot. The arch in the shoe should sit right at the arch of your foot to provide comfort and support.
Step 3
Fasten any clasps or straps on the shoes. If the clasps or straps push on your feet, try on a different brand of shoes. Even if the pressure from the clasps or straps is not painful at first, they may cause pain when you're on a long ride.
Step 4
Stand on your toes to simulate the position of your foot when your riding your bike. If your toes become crunched or are pushed against the edge of the shoe, the shoes are too small.
Step 5
Walk around in the shoes to evaluate if they are comfortable. If the store will let you, test your shoes out on a bicycle ride. If the shoes are comfortable after walking or riding in them, you have found a good fit. If they are not comfortable, try on a different brand of shoes. Note: It is normal for bicycle shoes to feel slightly stiff. Comfort is the most important feature for bicycle shoes.

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