How to Use Sycamore As Firewood

How to Use Sycamore As FirewoodSycamore wood can be one of the best types of firewood you will find. In some regions, using sycamore wood is the preferred way to build a fire not only because of the high-quality burn, but also because sycamores are an aggressive, invasive species that can take over ecosystems when introduced to a non-native region. Some parks and outdoor refuge areas even request that you use sycamore wood whenever possible to help reduce their influence.


Difficulty: Moderate

Things You’ll Need:
  • Axe
  • Wood knife
Step 1
Find a dead sycamore tree, or purchase a bundle of sycamore wood from a firewood supplier. You should use wood that has been dead for around a year, allowing the wood to dry out, or "season." Sycamore wood that is still "green" or has been cut from a living tree is useless as firewood.
Step 2
Gather a variety of logs, sticks and tinder. Tinder is the key to starting the flame and igniting the rest of the wood. If necessary, cut smaller pieces of wood from sycamore logs.
Step 3
Arrange the wood in a formation according to how you will use it. The most common types are a star fire arrangement or gypsy fire, which direct all logs and wood into a central point. Gypsy fires prop up sticks against one another to improve the wood's access to oxygen.
Step 4
Light the tinder, then gradually feed larger pieces of sycamore wood until the logs ignite.

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