How to Find a Backcountry Vacation

How to Find a Backcountry Vacation
There is no better way to learn to appreciate natural beauty than through a backcountry trip. Whether you want to spend a week living by your own power in the most remote reaches of the world or would prefer a more laid-back chance to see the wilderness without roughing it, a backcountry vacation can inspire and educate you about the natural world.


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Step 1
Decide where you want to go. Perhaps there is a nature reserve you've always wanted to see or a region that intrigues you. Nowadays, you can find backcountry vacations in nearly any climate zone, from tropical forests to arctic tundra. See the National Parks Service link below for some great destinations.
Step 2
Decide on what sorts of activities you want to purse. Backcountry trips can include hiking, horseback riding, whitewater rafting, sailing and most other outdoor activities.
Step 3
Decide how rugged you want to go. Just because a trip is backcountry doesn't mean you have to rough it. A backcountry vacation can mean backpacking 30 miles a day and sleeping in a tent, but it can also mean staying in an isolated lodge and taking easy day hikes. Your fitness level should play a part in your decision; don't sign up for a strenuous, multiday backwoods hike if you live a sedentary life.
Step 4
Find a vacation provider that caters to your requirements. The Sierra Club provides backwoods lodges and local backpacking trips for extremely reasonable prices if you want to rough it. For a more luxurious backcountry vacation, you may want to take a motorcoach tour or a backcountry cruise instead.

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