How to Pack a Triathlon Wetsuit for Travel

How to Pack a Triathlon Wetsuit for Travel
Neoprene wetsuits are worn for insulation from the cold waters that are routinely encountered in most water sports. Triathletes often need to pack wetsuits for competitions, since not every triathlon enjoys the warm waters of Hawaii's Ironman competition. Neoprene is a touchy fabric, and transporting it properly requires packing it with care.


Difficulty: Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • 2 towels
  • Twine or rubber bands
Step 1
Lay a towel out on a table and then your wetsuit out on top of the towel. Make sure the arms and legs are laid out straight and that you avoid any creases. Creases weaken the neoprene, causing it to wear out more quickly.
Step 2
Lay out a second towel over the top of the wetsuit, so the wetsuit is sandwiched between two towels. These are important and will give the wetsuit a little cushion.
Step 3
Roll up the towel-and-wetsuit bundle along its length (narrow-end to narrow-end). Roll it up firmly, but not tightly.
Step 4
Secure the roll by tying off both ends, either with twine or by wrapping rubber bands around it.
Step 5
Stow the roll in a bag or suitcase that is long enough to accommodate it. After taking so much care with your wetsuit, you don't want to put it into a bag that will leave it partly bent (and therefore creased) for the duration of your flight.

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