How to Add a Second Passport

How to Add a Second Passport
The U.S. Passport Agency issues second passports on a case-by-case basis for travelers who meet certain criteria. Citizens planning travel to countries that might deny entry or visas if they see evidence that the traveler has visited other countries that they do not have diplomatic relationships with (for instance, travel to anti-Israeli nations when your passport contains an Israeli visa) are permitted two passports, as are frequent travelers who require two passports because of visa processing times and delays that would interfere with their travel plans.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Applying for the Passport

Things You’ll Need:
  • Identification Photocopy machine Passport application form Application letter Passport photos Application fee
  • Identification
  • Photocopy machine
  • Passport application form
  • Application letter
  • Passport photos
  • Application fee
Step 1
Write a letter detailing the reason you need a second passport. Be very specific, explaining your travel constraints that necessitate a second passport or your travel plans to countries that would make carrying only one passport problematic.
Step 2
Fill out a passport application, Form DS-11. This form and all supporting documentation must be submitted in person at an approved location. Look on the the State Department's website for the nearest location (see Resource 1). Do not sign the application. You will sign it in person when asked by the agent who accepts your documentation and application.
Step 3
Provide proof of U.S. citizenship to be sent with your application. The following documents are acceptable forms of identification: an undamaged U.S. passport; a certified city, county or state birth certificate; a Consular Report or Birth Abroad or a Certificate of Birth; Certificate of Naturalization or Citizenship. This document will be returned to you along with your new passport.
Step 4
When applying, present valid identification to the official or agent who will accept your application. Acceptable forms of identification include a previous, undamaged U.S. passport, a valid U.S. driver's license, a valid, current government or military ID or a naturalization certificate.

If you do not have these documents (known as primary evidence documents), you will need to submit secondary evidence documents. These include delayed birth certificates and early public records. The full list of secondary evidence documents can be found on the State Department's website (see Resource 2).
Step 5
Submit a photocopy of each of the pieces of identification you will present to the agent. It must be made on plain 8 1/2 x 11 inch paper, showing the front and the back of your identification. Only copy on one side of the page; if both sides of your document do not fit, you will need to present a separate photocopy for each side. If necessary, you can increase the size of the image, but do not decrease the image of your identification.

If you apply in a state where you are not a resident, you will need to provide a second piece of identification, and this item must be photocopied as well.

Witnesses or assistants for disabled persons must show identification and submit a photocopy of their identification.
Step 6
Pay the application fee. See the State Department's website for current fees and payment options (see Resource 1).
Step 7
Include two passport photos. They must be full-face color photos, identical, 2 x 2 inches and taken within the last 16 months. They should look like you; if you've made drastic changes to your appearance since taking passport photos, you'll need to take new pictures. Wear normal clothing and any prescription or commonly used items, such as hearing aids, wigs or glasses. Do not wear hats or sunglasses unless needed for medical reasons, and you might need to provide documented proof of necessity.

Tips & Warnings

Do not sign your application before being asked to do so at the passport agency or other acceptable location. Doing so could invalidate your application form.

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