How to Transport Your Car to Hawaii

How to Transport Your Car to Hawaii
Moving is never fun, even if it involves going to a beautiful tropical paradise like Hawaii. If you need to transport your car to Hawaii, it will take careful research and planning. After you move to Hawaii, you can pursue your favorite outdoor sports such as hiking, biking, surfing and scuba diving.


Difficulty: Easy

Step 1
Get recommendations from your family, friends or business acquaintances who have transported their cars to Hawaii or other places. If you don't know anyone who used a car transport company, consider reading reviews of these companies on a website such as Thousands of people put their reviews of companies on that site.
Step 2
Ask the car shipping companies you're considering to show you the documentation they have to perform this service. They should give you copies of their federal and state licenses, insurance and bonds. Request that the companies show you specifically what insurance they have to cover any damage to you car during the move. Find out what limitations and exclusions apply. The insurance they have only covers major damage. For instance, if some paint on your car is chipped, it would not normally be covered.
Step 3
Find out what shipping options each company has. Open shipping means your car will not be under cover. The enclosed option is a good choice if you have a valuable or collector's car. It would keep your car under cover at all times during the shipping process. Economy shipping is only a good option if you are not in a hurry. In that case, the company will ship your car when space is available and will not guarantee an arrival date. Full service is the most expensive way to ship your car, but it guarantees pick-up and delivery days. If the company fails to meet its commitment to you, you can get part of your money back. You can save money by shipping your car terminal to terminal. You would be required to deliver your car and pick it up at the terminal.
Step 4
Choose the company you want to move your car and the shipping option you prefer. Prepare your car for the move by removing all personal items and turning off the alarm system. Your car should have less than a half a tank of gas when the car transport company picks it up.

Tips & Warnings

Never ship your car with a company that refuses to show you its credentials. Check the license to make sure it is current.

Article Written By Ellen Kendall

Ellen Kendall has 15 years of writing and editing experience. Her travel and insurance articles have appeared in national magazines. Her book contributions include biographies and multi-cultural and Holocaust lesson plans. She has previously served as a real estate broker and interior designer and taught ESL in Korea and at Duke.

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