How to Care for GORE-TEX® Boots

How to Care for GORE-TEX® BootsGORE-TEX® boots are a great tool for staying warm and dry while hiking, backpacking or spending the day outdoors. But if you're going to invest in a quality pair of boots, you need to know how to care for them to extend their longevity. Stay alert of potential defects, rips or tears in the lining and learn to clean them properly. Avoid harsh chemicals and use a gentle approach with your GORE-TEX® boots.


Difficulty: Easy


Things You’ll Need:
  • Clean cloth Soft brush
  • Clean cloth
  • Soft brush
Step 1
Turn your boots upside-down and shake out any rocks, dirt, sand and other debris that may be trapped. Hit them together a few times to shake out more dirt.
Step 2
Check the lining of your GORE-TEX® boots, looking for wear and tear or any irregularities.
Step 3
Take a clean cloth and brush off your GORE-TEX® boots. If the cloth is full of dirt and grime, additional cleaning is probably required.
Step 4
Clean off the outside of your boots with a soft brush and warm water. Check your manufacturer's suggestions to see if a leather treatment is recommended.
Step 5
Pay attention to leaks. If you can feel water or excess moisture in your boots, you may have a rip or defective boots. Find the phone number of the manufacturer by calling information or looking online and ask about any warranties, replacements or suggestions to fix the boots yourself.
Step 6
Dry your GORE-TEX® boots in a warm room after washing, hiking, or a day in the rain or snow. Don't leave them in front of a heater or radiator. They need to dry naturally at a moderate temperature.

Tips & Warnings

Visit the website of the manufacturer or retailer's website, such as, to inquire about specific maintenance methods for your GORE-TEX® boots.
Do not use bleach or harsh chemicals or dry clean your GORE-TEX® boots.


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