Coleman Stove Generator Repair Tips

Coleman Stove Generator Repair TipsColeman has been a trusted outdoor gear company for many years. Its stoves, in particular, are reliable and robust. Still, Coleman technologies, like any technology used outdoor, will suffer wear with time and are at risk for breaking. Camping stoves can be intimidating and frustrating when they break down, but Coleman stoves are designed for easy repairs. The stove generator, which is the gas pipe that connects the fuel tank to the burner, often contributes to such problems. With a little knowledge and a few tools, any Coleman user can dissect his stove and repair it when necessary.


Difficulty: Moderate

Things You’ll Need:
  • Wrench (monkey wrench, or sized for generator bolt)
  • Screwdriver
Step 1
Identify the problem with the stove. Try to light the stove and watch for the reaction, because it will give you clues about the cause of the problem. Make sure to pressurize the stove before trying to light it, but release the pressure when taking apart any of the stove components.
Step 2
If the stove will not light and there are no air sounds coming from the generator, then the generator may be clogged. Under normal conditions, carbon will build up inside the tip of the generator and restrict fuel flow. Clean the tip of the generator by turning the stove's valve knob clockwise until it stops. This process pushes a needle through the tip of the generator, clearing any blockage.
Step 3
If the stove will not light and there are air sounds coming from the generator, the generator may not be securely attached to the burner. Using an appropriately sized wrench (depends on type of stove) and a screwdriver, unscrew the bolt and screws that secured the generator in place. Remove and replace the generator, ensuring that the tip fits securely and both mounting tabs are aligned.
Step 4
Remove the generator and examine it thoroughly. Check the tip, in particular, for breaks that may prevent a seal. If the seal is poor or the tip is broken, lip balm can be used to create a temporary seal in an emergency situations, but is not reliable in the long term.
Step 5
Replace the generator by unscrewing the bolt and screws from the old generator, removing it, and inserting a new one in its place.

Tips & Warnings

Coleman states that Coleman brand fuels are most suitable for their stoves and will prolong generator life. Check your specific stove instructions and try to use the most appropriate fuel type for your model.
Never dissect or work on a stove when it is hot or pressurized. Make sure to release the pressure and let the stove cool fully before touching it.

Article Written By Jackie Stenson

Jackie Stenson is a mechanical engineer working on small-scale simple technologies for developing countries. She graduated from Harvard University and is currently volunteering in eastern Africa on a post-graduate fellowship. Stenson was a hiking trip leader for both her university and a summer camp in Maine.

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