How to Buy Camping Equipment

How to Buy Camping EquipmentCamping is a great recreational activity. It promotes a healthy lifestyle and a connection with the outdoors. It also provides great bonding time with your friends and family. Proper equipment for your camping trip can make the experience much more pleasant.


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Step 1
Decide what kind of camping you will be doing. You need different equipment depending on whether you are backpacking, horse packing, river camping or car camping.
Step 2
Consider the season and the climate possibilities. Ask yourself if you are you going to camp in the summer or the winter and if you'll need a tent that can stand up to high wind, or one with good ventilation to withstand desert heat.
Step 3
Make a list of all the equipment you will need. Depending on the trip, the basic list should look something like this: shelter, sleeping bag, water containers, a backpacking and/or camping stove, eating utensils, hiking shoes, camp shoes, a waterproof layer, a cool layer (shorts), two warm layers, a warm hat, a hat that provides shade, sunglasses, bathing suit, gloves and a flashlight or headlight. You can add items to fit your trip.
Step 4
Start your research. If you have friends that go camping a lot ask them what brands they like and ask to see their equipment.
Step 5
Check out gear guides in outdoor recreation magazines such as "Outside" and "Backpacker."
Step 6
Investigate camping stores and outfitters in your area. Before you invest in any expensive equipment (stoves, boots, sleeping bags, headlights, tents, backpacks), it is a great idea to ask around and see if places near you offer gear rentals, so you can try before you buy.
Step 7
Split your purchase power between local stores and the Internet. You can find great deals online, but it's a good idea to scout out gear in local stores, especially to find area-specific trail maps.

Tips & Warnings

Don't buy into the hype about the latest, greatest gear. Carefully consider and test all gear to make sure it is suited to your needs.

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