Travel to Italy

Travel to Italy
Italy offers a large variety of outdoor activities for those seeking some of the best adventures available. See the entire shoreline of Italy in one trail or explore the exposed and hidden gems of an ancient city. Also discover that there is more to skiing in Italy than just zipping down the snow-covered slopes.


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Italy Top to Bottom

Step 1
See Italy from north to south along the Italia a Cavallo, which means "Italy to Horse." The trail, which runs 2,400 kilometers (over 1,500 miles), was created for equestrian riders, but is ideal for hikers and bikers as well. You can take the route in part or from tip to tip. The route runs up the western part of Italy from Marsala, Sicily to Kötschach-Mauthen, Austria.

Photojournalist Barbara Essl and 2002 European trekking champion Massimo Peresson mapped out the trail for anyone who wanted this rare adventure. In their trek they tested for food, accommodations and gathered information and valuable hints from all the local areas so travelers could get the most of their experience.
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Roman Walkthrough

There are very few cities in the world that give you the breathtaking views, history, and culture that the streets of Rome offer. Though buses can be an easier and more efficient way to travel through this ancient city, there is plenty to see and do for those who would rather walk it.

At the heart of Rome lies a path of ancient ruins starting at the Coliseum, through the Forum and up to the Victorio Emanuel---a building that can be seen from practically anywhere in Rome. From there streets span out in every direction, taking you to different piazzas and side courtyards where you'll find all sorts of fountains, monuments, and churches that boast extravagant and intricate murals, statues, and sculptures.
Step 3
Italian Water Skiing

Aside from the glorious snow skiing that is available on Italian mountain tops, you can enjoy summertime fun waterskiing in some of Italy's renowned water ski resorts. Among the resorts are Ravenna Water Ski Club, Water Ski Recetto and Sperlonga Water Ski Resort, which offer water skiers of all sorts the opportunity to relax while still staying active and having a ton of fun.

The Water Ski Club of Sperlonga offers a freshwater lake that is used solely for water skiing. They have courses to accommodate skiers who prefer slalom, trick, or jump, as well as those who are just there for some fun. This is also where the Italian national team held their training so the facilities are well maintained.

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