How to Find Shark Teeth

How to Find Shark Teeth
Turn a day at the beach into a scavenger hunt and look for shark's teeth. These triangular-shaped teeth can teach children and adults more about ocean life and the anatomy of a shark. Scour the beach, venture into the water at low tide, and get your snorkel gear to uncover your own ocean keepsakes.


Difficulty: Moderate

Things You’ll Need:
  • Jar or pouch Snorkel gear
  • Jar or pouch
  • Snorkel gear
Step 1
Research what areas are prone to shark activity and visit a nearby beach. While it's entirely possible you can find shark teeth on any ocean side beach, you'll have better luck if you can determine that sharks are active in the area.
Step 2
Find an area of the beach with fossil, bones or washed up remains from the beach. This area of the beach might indicate a stronger current or high tide. The high tide will help drag in shark teeth and other remains. However, if you're going to hunt around the water's edge, go during low tide.
Step 3
Grab a handful of sand that contains shells or possible shark teeth. Let it sift through and inspect it closely. You will quickly learn the difference between bark, shells, teeth, garbage and other found items.
Step 4
During low tide, stand about calf-deep in the water and watch as shells, seaweed and rocks are being pulled back and forth toward the ocean. Look for teeth moving along the debris. Remember that a shark's tooth will be heavier than a seashell or seaweed and will be easier to spot in the water's current.
Step 5
Look for triangular-shaped teeth that are brown or black. Some shark teeth are white, but it's more common to stumble across a darker tooth.
Step 6
Go diving or snorkeling along the ocean floor and inspect rocks and shells for shark's teeth. Keep a jar or pouch to drop the teeth in and inspect them later to determine what kind of shark they came from.

Tips & Warnings

Exercise extreme caution when swimming, diving or snorkeling in shark territory.

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