Travel to Italy on a Budget

Travel to Italy on a Budget
Italy is best known for its wine and ancient ruins; but for an outdoor enthusiast, Italy offers an ideal vacation locale. From skiing in the Alps or hiking the scenic countryside to snorkeling in the Mediterranean, the opportunity for outdoor adventure in Italy is almost endless. If you're on a budget, traveling to Italy may seem a dream, but many deals do exist--you just need to know where to start and be willing to do some digging.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Budget Travel to Italy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Passport (Visa is only needed for stays over three months)
  • Airline ticket
Step 1
Look for the best deal possible: It may seem like a huge task to sift through all of the airlines' deals, but it can pay off in the end. Try one of the online travel sites for instant comparisons; experts suggest searching on Wednesday and Saturday mornings for the best deals. Don't ignore package tours either. Sometimes they have the best price for travel to Italy even if you don't take advantage of the the tour itself.
Step 2
Book your flight in conjunction with car rentals and hotel reservations in Italy: These all-in-one deals can save as much as 20% overall. However, read the fine print for extra charges that can add up quickly.
Step 3
Book either three months in advance or last minute: If your vacation dates to Italy are firm, early booking will give you the best price and a guaranteed seat. If you are flexible on dates and don't mind taking a chance, last-minute deals to Italy are common to fill unsold seats.
Step 4
Plan you vacation in the off season: Fall and spring are the least expensive times to fly to Italy because it is considered to be between peak seasons. However, the weather is the best during these times, and there aren't many crowds, so if you have the time available, it's to your advantage to travel to Italy then.
Step 5
Arrive in a smaller city: While Rome may seem like the best place to start out, other cities offer better deals for incoming flights. Check out Venice and Milan, and consider arriving in and departing from different cities to stretch your travel dollars and time.

Tips & Warnings

Once in Italy, travel to cities by train for the best value and comfort.


Article Written By Catherine Rayburn-Trobaug

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