How to Organize Halibut & Salmon Fishing Trips in Alaska

How to Organize Halibut & Salmon Fishing Trips in Alaska
Fishing is your life, as you are either fishing or planning a trip whenever you have free time. Your job has been pretty stressful lately, you have some vacation time coming and you decide it is time to fulfill your dream of going salmon and halibut fishing in Alaska. You have even talked a couple of your friends into going along. This is your dream vacation and you want to make sure that everything is just right. Salmon and halibut fishing on the shores of Alaska is sure to relieve a bit of your stress and give you an adrenaline rush at the same time,


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Step 1
Determine how many people are going and how long everyone can stay. That is going to give you some ideas as to the parameters of the trip. You will also need to decide together where in Alaska you want to go. There are basically five fishing areas of interest in Alaska: arctic, interior, south central, south west and south east. Each area has its own benefits and challenges, but all can offer fantastic salmon and halibut fishing.
Step 2
Be careful about planning your budget. Not only will you need food and a place to stay, but you will also need bait and fishing permits. Booking two or three months in advance will help in lowering the costs. Visit the site listed in Resources for a useful website on which you can compare the various fishing outfitters in each area of Alaska. Each of the five areas can offer both salmon and halibut fishing and, contrary to popular belief, the "best" area to fish is really left up to an angler's personal choice and available budget.
Step 3
Plan your trip based on your travel preferences once you arrive in Alaska. Most anglers fly into Anchorage and then choose from a variety of travel methods to their final destination. Many anglers will head north to the inner region of Alaska for the secluded salmon runs available on one of the many rivers throughout the barren landscape, while others will head west or east to one of the many harbors, where they can board a charter boat for some fantastic halibut fishing.
Step 4
Book with a reputable guide service and make sure to check their reviews/references. As the guide industry is fairly unregulated, there are many great services and lots of not-so-great services. Do your homework and pick the best service that you can afford. Competition for salmon and halibut fishing services is fierce in Alaska, so all of the prices should be similar; but what will really set a guide service apart is customer satisfaction (which may or may not be linked to the number or size of fish they caught). Visit the guide service's website for some of their customer reviews or call them and ask for references. This may be the most important step in the booking process.
Step 5
Gather your equipment and check to make sure you have appropriate travel cases and clothes for the trip. The weather is extremely variable in Alaska (although most likely you will be going in the summer months since that is when the salmon and halibut runs take place), so be sure to bring clothes that will protect you in all kinds of weather conditions. Most anglers opt for flyrods for salmon fishing (with extremely high tensile strength line) and normal bait casting or deep-sea fishing rods for halibut fishing.
Step 6
Book your flights from one of the many travel websites available online and print your boarding pass (when available). Most reputable guide services will meet you at the airport in Alaska and help you navigate to their camp or airstrip. Food, lodging, fishing services and even some licenses should be all-inclusive in your guide package so you will not have anything to worry about on your fishing vacation.

Tips & Warnings

Make sure that you check on the fishing regulations in Alaska.

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