How to Catch and Store Sand Fleas

How to Catch and Store Sand FleasIf you do a lot of surf fishing, you are probably spending a fortune on bait. If you start catching and storing your own sand fleas, you will have bait ready at all times and save yourself some cash. Many species of fish like sand fleas and the bait is almost always accessible right at the beach. If you store your sand fleas properly, they should last for several days. With a small investment of a sand flea rake and a 5-gallon bucket, you will be ready to catch your own in no time.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

How to:

Things You’ll Need:
  • Sand flea rake
  • Five-gallon bucket
  • Beach sand
  • Towel
  • Ice
Step 1
Stand at the shoreline of the ocean. You will need to be where the water rolls onto the beach and when it pulls away you are standing on bare sand. Don't stand in an area where the water will be too deep, as you will only need to be in approximately 1 foot of water as the ocean rolls onshore.
Step 2
Look at the sand when the water pulls away, to see if you notice any "v" formations. Sand fleas hidden underneath the sand will usually make these "v" formations when the water pulls back off them. This is usually a good indication that sand fleas are in that area.
Step 3
Place the sand flea rake on the ground with the opening facing away from the ocean. Wait for the water to rush over the top and then pull the rake toward you, digging down into the sand as you do.
Step 4
Pull the rake out of the water. The sand should filter through the rake's openings, leaving any sand fleas you have caught in the bottom of the holding area inside of the rake.
Step 5
Pick the sand fleas out of the bottom of the rake and place them inside of a container. There is no need to place them inside of anything fancy to hold them, if you are planning to use them right away.
Step 6
Fill a plastic bucket or container with approximately 5 inches of wet beach sand. The sand needs to be moist, but no additional water should be added to the container.
Step 7
Place the sand fleas you want to store inside of the bucket of moist sand. Store the bucket in a cool area out of the direct sunlight, until you are ready to use the sand fleas. The sand fleas should keep for several days inside the bucket.
Step 8
Place a towel over the top of the sand flea bucket and place ice on top of it, if the sand fleas are getting hot. This will keep the area inside of the bucket cool and will help prolong the life of your sand fleas.

Tips & Warnings

The sand fleas will drown if you add water to the bucket, when storing them for any length of time.
You can also catch sand fleas with a 5-gallon bucket that has numerous holes drilled in the bottom and bottom sides. The holes will allow for the sand to filter out. Using a 1/2-inch drill bit works best.

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