How To Do a Rollback on a BMX

How To Do a Rollback on a BMX
Freestyle BMX biking officially became an Olympic sport at the 2008 Beijing games, bringing BMX into the sporting mainstream. Using specialized bikes, BMXers can perform a variety of tricks, much like the maneuvers people are used to seeing from skateboarders. The rollback is a trick that is primarily used to as a transition during a freestyle ride. The rollback allows a BMX rider to pull a quick 180-degree turn to transition from riding backward to riding forward.


Difficulty: Challenging

Things You’ll Need:
  • BMX bike Helmet
  • BMX bike
  • Helmet
Step 1
Find a suitable space. Learning a rollback takes space to maneuver safely. Make sure you have a long, flat stretch where no one will get in your way. The area cannot have traffic, whether vehicular or people, because you will be riding backward and unable to watch out for obstacles behind you.
Step 2
Roll backward, using your feet to power you. Push yourself back manually, building up speed without placing your feet on the pedals. Having a little momentum will enable you to balance more easily on the bike as you move backward.
Step 3
Once you have enough speed to stay balanced, lift your feet on to the pedals and continue pedaling backward.
Step 4
Twist the handlebars to one side sharply. The key is to whip around, converting your backward momentum into forward momentum. This process begins by taking the leap and turning your front wheel.
Step 5
Follow through with your upper body. If you turn the wheel sharply to the left, you'll whip around clockwise, and your turning momentum could throw you off to the right once you are facing in the opposite direction. Counter this trend by matching your turning of the handlebars with a rotation of your upper body.
Step 6
Convert to pedaling forward as you emerge from the turn. The rollback can be perfected by making this transition more and more efficient, converting more of your backward energy into moving forward.
Step 7
Start practicing on a slope once you have gotten comfortable on a level surface. Using the same strategies, begin trying out a rollback while rolling backward downhill. The rollback is one of the most common methods riders use to come out of a half-pipe trick.

Tips & Warnings

Always wear a helmet while BMX biking.

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