How to Replace a Lost Brazilian Passport

How to Replace a Lost Brazilian Passport
You're on your way to the airport to catch a flight to that vacation spot you like to call your "happy place" and notice that your Brazilian passport is lost or stolen. Don't panic; that's what the Brazilian Consulate is for. The Consulate can help you report and replace your passport, in a matter of days if needed.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Government issued ID (with photo) Police report documenting loss
  • Government issued ID (with photo)
  • Police report documenting loss
Step 1
Report your passport lost or stolen to the local police or proper authorities. They will be able to provide you with documentation to support your loss. This documentation must be given to the Brazilian Consulate to apply for a replacement.
Step 2
Contact the Brazilian Consulate for your jurisdiction. There are several consulate offices around the United States, located in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Houston, LA, DC and Miami.
Step 3
Make an appointment to visit the office as soon as possible. Carry government issued identification with you. This can include a Brazilian ID card, marriage ID, military ID or birth certificate. If you do not have any of these documents, ask what substitutes are acceptable before going to the consulate.
Step 4
Pay the fee. The fee can change from year to year, so be sure to verify the amount before sending. You can pay the application fee with a credit card, debit card, money order or check. If you need a "rush," you can also pay an additional fee.
Step 5
Take two pictures the same size as your original passport picture with you. The consulate may take their own pictures; however, these will come in handy in case they don't.

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