How to Determine What Type of Swimsuit One Should Wear

How to Determine What Type of Swimsuit One Should Wear
When you're heading on a cruise or vacation, a swimsuit should definitely be one of the items in your suitcase. Vacations are not the time to worry about a flattering swimsuit, so determine the type of swimsuit that looks best on your body before your trip, so that you don't have to worry about the way you look while enjoying your vacation. Choosing a swimsuit is a matter of knowing what flatters your body type, so shop for suits that enhance your best features while downplaying any flaws.


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Step 1
Take stock of your body while wearing panties and a bra so that you can take a look and choose areas that you like, and areas that you don't. Choose three aspects of your body, like toned arms, great cleavage or shapely legs, that you'd like to highligh. Then choose three things you'd like to camouflage, such as a bulgy tummy, large hips or thicker thighs.
Step 2
Consider the type of swimwear available, and which styles of swimsuits will accentuate your three best features while disguising your flaws. Swimsuits come in three basic styles: one-piece, bikini or tankini. Each is helpful for specific body types.
Step 3
Know that if you want tummy coverage, but are happy with your cleavage, then a deep v-neck halter style will look best on you. Choose one with high leg openings so you also lengthen the line of the leg while wearing a one piece.
Step 4
Choose a bikini if you're looking for leg and thigh coverage, but are generally happy with your midsection. Just look for one that has boy shorts to give you more leg coverage, with an under-wire top for more support. Take advantage of mixing sizes so that you can get a perfect fit on both pieces of your swimsuit.
Step 5
Look for a tankini if you're looking for coverage with a bit of an edge, or if you have a boy-shaped body. The breaking up of the two pieces will look hip, like a bikini, but will also give the illusion of curves by breaking up the line of the body.
Step 6
Take into consideration the activities that you'll be doing while on your trip. if you're going to be doing water sports, choose a sturdier one piece, or a rash guard with bikini bottoms that will stay firmly in place. Just planning on soaking up some sun? Choose a bandeau style that won't leave you with tan lines. Bring more than one swimsuit so that you always have a flattering suit for any type of activity.

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