How to Install Ice Auger Blades

How to Install Ice Auger Blades
Ice fisherman at some point must replace the blades on their manual ice augers when they become dulled from constant use. Dull blades make drilling a hole a much more tiresome and frustrating task than it needs to be, so it is important to know how to change out a set of blades to bring them in to be sharpened.


Difficulty: Moderate

Things You’ll Need:
  • Allen wrench
Step 1
Take great care when handling these blades. Dulled blades are more than capable of slicing open your hands and fingers if you are lackadaisical while handling them, and the new or sharpened blades are even more dangerous. Always handle these blades with the utmost caution when in the process of changing them and when using the auger out on the ice.
Step 2
Loosen the two screws that are holding one set of blades in place using an Allen wrench. Loosen these nuts until they can be turned by hand, but do not remove the blades until you have carefully looked at them to see which end of them is flush to the metal frame of the auger. This is important because you must put the new sharp blades on so they sit the exact same way as the old ones did.
Step 3
Unfasten the screws by hand and carefully remove the dulled blade. Take the sharpened replacement blade and arrange it on the auger so that the holes match up. Make absolutely certain that the blade is facing the correct way, or when you use the auger, it will not cut into the ice. The flat side of the blades should be facing you, and the beveled edge side should be facing the interior section of the auger.
Step 4
Screw the blades into place using your Allen wrench. Again, use great caution around the sharp blades. First tighten one screw until it is snug, and then do the same to the other. Once both are snug, tighten each of the screws some more using the Allen wrench, but do not make them so tight that they become stripped or require a great effort to loosen.
Step 5
Repeat these steps to remove the other blade and install the sharp replacement blade. When you are finished, spray a light coating of oil on the new blades to guard against the possibility of rust, and then put the blade guard on the auger to protect against any accidents. Put your old blades in a container until they can be sharpened.

Tips & Warnings

In case you are not certain which end is up on ice auger blades, look for the side that has writing on it. The company name and the size of the blades should be on one side; this is the side that will be facing you as you install them.

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