How to Reset Samsonite Luggage Combination Locks

How to Reset Samsonite Luggage Combination Locks
The security of locking luggage cuts down on worries as it is passed to taxi and bus drivers, left sitting by bellhop in hotels, and left in your room while you are out seeing the sights. Of course, this peace of mind is only available if you actually use the locks, which requires knowing the combination. Samsonite luggage is equipped with combination locks that are simple to reset to a combination that is easy for you to remember---both before and during your trip.


Difficulty: Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Samsonite luggage with combination lock
Step 1
Open the suitcase and look at the side of the locking mechanism. Find the small button or lever on one side of the lock next to the dials.
Step 2
Push the button in toward the number dial, if applicable. Move the dial to the desired combination while holding the button in.
Step 3
Move the lever on lever-style mechanisms into the lowest position. Rotate the dials to the desired combination.
Step 4
Release the button or return the lever to the original position once the combination is reset.
Step 5
Spin the dials while the suitcase is still open. Test your combination to make sure it works properly, otherwise reset it again before closing the suitcase.

Tips & Warnings

On new suitcases the combination is set to the factory default of 0-0-0.
Take the suitcase to an authorized Samsonite dealer if the locking mechanism is stuck or you have forgotten the combination for a closed suitcase.
Samsonite will replace the keys on key-lock luggage for a small fee.

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