Homemade Snowshoes

Homemade Snowshoes
The purpose of snowshoes is to make traversing snowy fields easier. By distributing your weight over a wider surface area, you'll be less likely to sink into the snow. You can make your own snowshoe using just some 550 cord, a pocket knife and whatever small, bendable branches you can find around you. This is a great survival skill to know, and it's also a lot of fun if you're just looking to play around in the snow.


Difficulty: Moderate

Things You’ll Need:
  • Small branches Pocket knife 550 cord
  • Small branches
  • Pocket knife
  • 550 cord
Step 1
Collect branches for your snowshoe. You will want branches that bend and won't snap. Alder is a good option as it doesn't snap easily. However, if it is particularly cold outside and you find that the branches keep snapping, then they may need to be warmed by a fire first.
Step 2
Bend branch to make a frame for the snowshoe. Take the branch and bend it into a circular or teardrop shape. The snowshoe should be bigger than your regular shoe; roughly six inches longer is a good size.
Step 3
Tie the ends of the branch together. Lay the ends one over the other so that they cross over and form an "x" shape. Take your 550 cord and wrap it around the ends to secure it. To do this, first wrap the cord around the two pieces in the middle several times, and then also through the center of the x shape.
Step 4
Attach crosspieces to your snowshoe. Look for six small branches; you will need three on each shoe. One crosspiece will be about two-thirds of the way down; the next one will be just a few inches below the first one, and the third piece will be just a few inches below the second one.
Step 5
Weave smaller branches in. Once you have the snowshoe with the three crosspieces in place, take some branches and weave inbetween the crosspieces. If the weave doesn't stay in place, use your cord to tie the branches in place.
Step 6
Make bindings for your snowshoe. To determine the position of the bindings, place the ball of your foot on the main crosspiece. Take a piece of cord and tie it on the left side of the centerpiece. Now loop the cord through your own shoelaces and tie down on the other side of the centerpiece. Do the same with the other snowshoe.

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