GPS Driving Devices Guide

GPS Driving Devices Guide



What To Look For

The two most critical features for a car GPS are its maps and having a good screen so you can easily see those maps while driving. The screen should be as big as you can afford and clearly visible from all angles. Good memory features include high-storage capacity and the ability to easily update map information. If you travel a lot, consider getting a GPS with guide features for hotels, restaurants and attractions. Those can make many trips a lot easier.

Common Pitfalls

It is easy to become distracted by features that aren't especially useful when it comes to electronic gadgets such as a car GPS. For example, while a satellite radio receiver in your GPS might not be a bad idea, there is no reason to get an expensive GPS with an MP3 player when you can probably connect your iPod or other media player to the car's existing stereo through a very cheap adapter.

Where To Buy

In-dash GPS systems will require a professional installation, so it is probably best to start shopping for those by seeing if the shop doing the installation has any special deals. Otherwise, the selection and bargain-hunting power of the Internet makes it a good idea to use it for buying a driving-directions GPS.


Comparison Shopping

The fundamental division is between in-dashboard and add-on (portable) units. The former is more stylish and seamless in appearance but is also much more expensive. Anyone on a budget should go for an add-on unit. These not only have a cheaper price but can be taken with you if you get a new car.


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