The Best Walking Shoes for High Arches

The Best Walking Shoes for High Arches

What To Look For

High foot arches can put strain on joints and muscles, reducing the foot's ability to absorb shock while walking. High arches can cause back and knee pain, damage to foot tissue and, in extreme cases, medical ailments. High arches can cause pain in the bones of the feet because of the stress on the foot structure caused by walking, according to medical information compiled by the world-famous Mayo Clinic hospitals and other sources.

Acquire shoes that are designed to accommodate high arches. Look for flexible shoes with a soft mid-sole to act as shock absorbers for your feet. Pertinent keywords when shopping are "extra-depth," "adjustable strap," "flexible" and "cushioned."

Common Pitfalls

Inexpensive running and walking shoes tend to do little to compensate for high or low arches or may have inappropriate construction that aggravate these conditions.

Where To Buy

A variety of shoe manufacturers are recognized for walking and running shoes that correct for high arches. These include New Balance, Aetrex, Ryke, Comfortrite, Orthofeet, Dr. Scholls, Naturalizer, PW and Drew. Many of these have their own websites, and several other online retailers specialize in footwear dealing with high arches.


An online survey of manufacturer websites reveals shoes specifically built to accommodate high foot arches generally range in price from about $60 to $130.

Comparison Shopping

While many athletic shoe manufacturers make walking shoes designed to compensate for high arches through a variety of cushioning technologies, the choice of the appropriate footwear ultimately is personal and should be based on fit, comfort, aesthetics and perceived value.


Shoe inserts can provide additional arch support. Manufacturers include Dr. Scholls, Aetrex and Superfeet.

Insider Tips

Shop for shoes after walking for a while, because the feet expand during exertion.

Feet will differ in size, so try on both shoes when shopping, walk in them awhile before buying and select a shoe size that is best for the larger of your feet.

Article Written By Gary Olson

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